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Category: Molecular Biology


GENECRAFT is a German biotechnology company that markets molecular biology products. Since its founding in 1996, the company continues to expand its marketing worldwide. Our growth has been built on long term experience of Russian scientists in the development and production of unique molecular biology products. As a result, we are able to supply the life sciences market with inexpensive, top quality products, generally at half the cost of competitive products on the European market.

GENECRAFT actively engages in scientific collaboration with many different institutions.

Its core competencies encompass several areas:

  • PCR and PCR-based technologies;
  • cDNA technologies;
  • gene analysis;
  • and nucleic acid chemistry.

Recently, the company has released a number of innovative products. The list of restriction enzymes offered by GENECRAFT includes some unique isoschizomeres, not provided by other suppliers. Several tools and kits for molecular biology are also offered.

Supplier type: Product
Category: Molecular Biology